Safety First

The lullaby trust has in a recent publication expressed concern over the safety standards of some of the baby boxes available on the market and those provided by healthcare professionals through some NHS trusts.


As it has been correctly identified by the lullaby trust there are currently no EU directives setting standards for the safe construction of baby boxes. The current directive 1130 sets out standards for cribs, bassinets and cots does not apply to baby boxes. As such any claim by companies stating compliance with this EU directive is somewhat misleading. Whilst we call for greater regulation covering the safety aspects of baby box construction in line with those already in existence for cribs and bassinets, we have taken steps from the very beginning to ensure that our baby boxes are made from safe materials.


Our baby boxes have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they are safe to use. The component parts for our baby boxes have been tested by an independent lab to ensure they do not contain any harmful chemicals or substances.


Another issue rightly pointed out by the lullaby trust is the fact that some baby box providers are using mattresses that do not comply with British Standards 7177 and 1877 and UK fire regulations. Rest assured our mattresses comply fully with these standards. My First Baby Box mattresses are made with combustion modified high resilience foam to comply with government regulations of ignition, Source 5, BS 5853 Part 2 & BS 1877: BS 1877-10:2011 + A1:2012. The construction complies with BS 7177 2008 + A1:2011 for domestic use. Every mattress we supply is clearly labelled to certify conformity with such standards.


At My First Baby Box we are determined to increase education and awareness of safer sleeping practices in an effort to combat SIDS. We firmly believe that the success of the baby box programme in reducing the rates of SIDS in Finland has much to do with the associated education in safer sleeping practice. This is why our baby boxes have a set of safer sleep guidance printed on the box to educate parents as well as providing a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for the baby.