Below are a list of commonly asked questions.

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What is a baby box?

A baby box is an alternative to a Moses basket or a basinet. It was first introduced in 1938 by the Finnish government to assist low income families. It proved so successful that a few years later it was rolled out to the rest of the population. The introduction of baby boxes has been credited with reducing Finland’s infant mortality rate from one of the highest in Europe to one of the lowest in the world.


What are your baby boxes made of?

Our baby boxes are made with high quality five layered cardboard designed to provide outstanding structural integrity and strength. The boxes have been tested by an independent lab to ensure they do not contain any harmful chemicals or substances. The baby box mattresses are made with combustion modified high resilience foam to comply with government regulations of ignition, Source 5, BS 5853 Part 2 & BS 1877: BS 1877-10:2011 + A1:2012. The construction complies with BS 7177 2008 + A1:2011 for domestic use.


How do I clean my baby box?

The wipe-clean surface on our baby boxes means that you can simply spray a light layer of antibacterial spray onto a soft clean cloth and wipe away any dirt/stains. Alternatively use antibacterial wipes to wipe down the box.



Approx 68cm x 42cm x 29cm.


Where do I keep my BABY box?

Use your baby box as you would do a moses basket. Always place the baby box on a solid, stable surface. Ensure the baby box is not used on any surfaces/heights where there is a danger of it falling over.


Does my box come with safety instructions?

Yes. We know how easy it is to lose guides and information leaflets so to make things a littles simpler (and to save some trees in the process!) we have printed safety instructions and safe sleep guidelines on the base of the baby box.



This all depends on how fast your bundle of joy is developing. We recommend you stop using the baby box when your baby starts to pull themselves up independently. This is normally between 6 to 8 months of age. 


Is there a weight limit for the boxes?

Our baby boxes are made from a special strengthened cardboard that makes our boxes sturdy. During tests, our baby boxes have easily coped with 33lb (15kg) weights. However, please remember that the box should not be carried with a baby inside and should only be moved when not in use.


I’m buying this as a gift, would you deliver the item to another address?

Of course. At checkout, enter the delivery address of your intended recipient. All our invoices are sent via email (as we try to save as many trees as possible!) so we don’t include a copy in the package.


Do you ship overseas?

Yes. We have a list of our common shipping destinations including charges on our delivery page. For all other destinations please use the contact us page for an up-to-date shipping price.


Can I buy your baby boxes from a shop?

Currently we only sell our products online; however, we are working on moving our products into stores. We will soon provide a list of retailers stocking our baby boxes.


Can I have the lid on when my baby is in the baby box?

No, you should never have the lid on when your baby is in the baby box. This is so that you have sight of your baby and there is optimum air flow.


What makes your baby boxes different to the others on the market?

Well, we hope you agree when we say that none of our rivals have a design as cute as ours 😉. On a practical level, unlike other baby boxes ours have a glossy finish. This makes cleaning our baby boxes super easy as you can simply wipe away any accidents and spillages without damaging the integrity of the box. Additionally, as we mentioned above, our boxes are made with extra strength materials for added durability.


What can I do with my baby box when my baby has outgrown the baby box?

The baby box doubles up as a handy storage box for all those baby item and toys you don’t fancy tripping over when walking around the house. The box is made from sturdy and long-lasting cardboard so it will survive long after your baby has outgrown it.